Friday, October 31, 2014

You May be a Pilates Nerd if………

  1. You have spent countless hours practicing Pilates, but even more hours reading, studying and learning everything you can on the subject!
  2. You hear the word Cadillac and think Springs and pulleys while others think engines and tires!
  3. Someone simply asks “What is Pilates?” and you try with all your might not to regurgitate every ounce of information you have gathered on the topic.
  4. You would rather be featured in "Pilates Style" Magazine rather than the Italian "Vogue"!
  5. Your bucket list reads, "Meet (insert favorite Pilates guru here)"
  6. Your Friday nights consist of Pilates Anytime documentaries.
  7. Your DVD collection contains more Pilates DVDs than actual Films!
  8. You are fascinated at the bodies capability to move and the Pelvic Curl never gets old
  9. Your dream home consists of Wood floors, mirrors and Pilates apparatus
  10. You are passionate about sharing the gift Pilates has to offer with everyone around you!
If you answered "Yes" to more than half of these examples, its about time you enroll yourself into a Pilates Teacher Training course! See my post on why I chose to train with BASI Pilates!

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