Friday, October 31, 2014

What is Pilates?

"What is Pilates?' 
Oh, the question. I hope I'm not the only one that finds it hard to answer this. How do you even begin to answer this question in a decent amount of time?  
I think it is hard to answer because Pilates is very individual. It may mean something to me and something else to another.

I like to think of Pilates as the ABC’s of movement. 

When a child is born they look to their mother or caregiver for everything. Soon they start to coo and imitate words. Later they sputter out full sentences and phrases. By the time they are old enough to attend school they are speaking fluently! 

Why then do we teach them Language as a core subject?

Language is taught and emphasized to help students understand the why’s, the hows and dont’s of communication. Whether a child decides to become a Language Professor, a Scientist, a mother or Astronaut their study of language will help them in all aspects of their lives. 

I believe it is the same with Pilates.

A newborn child comes into this world full of wiggles and kicks. Soon they crawl. Later they walk. The movements we continue to display are simply imitations of what we have seen because we were never specifically taught how to move. 
Why then do we not emphasize and teach the whys, hows and dont's of movement as a core subject? 
Do we not all communicate AND move? 
Whether one chooses to become a pilates master, a golfer, an actor or doctor, Pilates can help.
Pilates has a way of working on an individual from the inside out. The method helps a person become more in tune with their own bodies. This in turn helps us to achieve our goals and receive physical benefits during normal day to day activity. 
Pilates teaches us how to move and how not to move! Pilates is about respecting your body. Pilates is healing and beautiful! No matter who you are, I believe Pilates can mean something to you as well!
Try it!

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