Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Midterm

We are on our way to modules 4, 5, and 6 of the Foundations Apparatus Training. I feel the 3-4 week break between modules was perfect. I took some time each day to read a chapter from the Study Guide or watch Pilates Interactive. I also offered free Private Pilates sessions for family and friends. I did my best not to skip ahead in the study guide and really focus on what I had already been taught. I also took advantage of youtube and google. If there was a word or concept I didn't understand I looked it up. 
I am feeling more relaxed this weekend than I was the first weekend. I am excited to meet our instructor and I am nervous for the midterm. 
I am now at the host studio. It is so nice to see everyone again! Making friends has been so easy. We have all connected so well. Our new instructor has arrived! I can already tell he is going to make these modules so fun! One step in the room and he has us all laughing! He seems very genuine, passionate and powerful! I can tell he has been an instructor for a long time. He is very relaxed and knowledgable!
I just finished module 4. This weekend has been amazing so far! These modules are great. Course, I think every module is great. The midterm is tomorrow. I feel like I have prepared to the best of my ability. My husband and I decided to go to dinner and meet with some friends. Sometimes it is best to take a break and relax. I love how our instructor constantly reminded us that the intent of the midterm and final exam is not there to trick or make us fail. BASI wants to see us succeed. The faculty are our friends, not our enemies.
Just finished the midterm. I felt it was spot on with where we are/should be. The questions were great. I reminded myself to take it slow and read the questions carefully! What a load off. It feels wonderful to be done with that! Our instructor also made time at the end of the last module to practice for the Practical Exam. I thought that was very helpful. 
We learned so much this weekend and I am excited to go home and start more practice! I feel very ready to continue onto the Comprehensive training. Hopefully I will be able to!  I am grateful for this break and the option that is given to hold off or continue on with training.  I am beyond impressed with how seamless this training has gone. I did it! Thank you BASI for one of the greatest experiences I have ever had! I hope to have many more experiences to share in the future!